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Let your outdoor furniture look like new

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Patio furniture covers are a great way to keep your clearance patio furniture looking new no matter the climate you live in. To make sure that your covers fit correctly you will have to measure the piece of furniture that you want to cover.


 If you are going to cover a table you will need to get the dimensions of it. Long oval table covers will also fit most rectangular shaped tables. First you should measure the height of the table. You measure with a tape measure the distance between the top edge of the table to the ground. Next you measure the length of the table, which will be along the longest edge. Then you measure across the table to get the width. Now that you have the measurements you can choose a cover that is the closest to the size of your table .


 To measure a round table to be covered with a patio cover you need to measure the diameter of the table. To get the diameter you measure across the center of the table. You will then measure the height of the table by measuring from the top edge of the table to the ground. This will give you the measurements you need to get the proper round table cover.

 Patio furniture sale covers are available that will cover a table and chairs with one cover. To find the right dimensions for your style of table and chairs you first need to find the height of the table and chairs. You measure from the top of one of the chairs to the ground to get the height. To from one end of the set to the other. Now you can find the right patio furniture sets cover to fit your table and chairs together.


 If you are want to purchase a cover for a square table you will have to measure it to make sure you get the correct size. First you measure the height which is a straight line from the top edge of the table to the ground. To measure the length and width of the table you can measure from one edge to the other. Since this is a square table the length and width will be the same.


 It is very important to make sure that you measure your outdoor furniture cushions. Otherwise you may spend money on a cover that is either too small or too big. No matter what type of table or table and chair combo you are wanting to cover you want to make sure it will fit snug. Most high quality covers will have a strap and or buckle system to make sure the cover stays secure in stormy or windy conditions.

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