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  • Aug
    Holiday notice

    Dear Customers, Please note that our office will be closed from 1th to 7th September 2016 for the G20 summit will be held in Hangzhou, China. We will resume our work on 8th September 2016. If anything, pls send us emails, will reply once see them.

  • Oct
    Rattan furniture for your solarium

    Traditionally, rattan furniture is the perfect complement to the light and airiness of a solarium. Sunlight pouring in to a room does have a tendency to fade carpet and cloth, even if the windows are specially coated to block out harmful ultra-violet rays, and so rattan furniture that doesn't fade and has cushions that are easily replaceable are a must.

  • Oct
    Let your outdoor furniture look like new

    To measure a round table to be covered with a patio cover you need to measure the diameter of the table. To get the diameter you measure across the center of the table. You will then measure the height of the table by measuring from the top edge of the table to the ground. This will give you the measurements you need to get the proper round table cover.

  • Oct
    Hondrea Rattan Furniture

    Do you want to purchase or import rattan furniture from a reliable factory in China directly? In order to meet different customer's requirement,to provide the best service to our clients, our minimum quantity can be 1 piece in mixed container,if you think there is a chance of cooperation between us,please do not hesitate to contact me

  • Sep
    Trends for Outdoor and Patio Furniture

    Trends for outdoor and patio furniture are big on lots of fresh color, new neutrals, motion furniture and attention to detail. Just the simple of fact of heading out into the sunshine after having been cooped is cause enough for celebration. So the new colors celebrate along with you.If you are in the market for new outdoor furniture then there is lots to choose from, not just color, but style too.

  • Sep
    Disadvantages of natural rattan furnitures

    Natural rattan furnitures can't be exposed to harsh ultraviolet sunlight for prolonged periods of time, as this can affect the colour. Water hyacinth, for example, as it is a natural untreated handmade product it will absorb moisture and dry out in direct relation to climate conditions. To avoid any deterioration it is only suitable for use in a dry and well ventilated environment.

  • Sep
    The History Of Patio Furniture

    The style of the average home has changed over the years. Large old farmhouses had huge front porches, which were an extension of the family living room. The porches were extremely large. Therefore, a lot of outdoor furniture was required. However, most of the furniture used was merely brought from inside. One piece of furniture was a fixture of most families outdoor furniture, that piece of furniture was a rocking chair. In the 18th century, the rocking chair was known as the American chair. The wooden rocker was also a lot more comfortable than the wrought iron furniture of the day.

  • Sep
    Why Not Buy Cheap Patio Furniture?

    Cheap patio furniture does not necessarily mean that the quality of it is poor. You can find some great furniture in sales and it can be extremely good quality for less money. You may have a patio area that you have wanted to do up ready for the hot summer days and you are now after some furniture to fill up the space. A lot of people always struggle when it comes to choosing the right outdoor furniture as they are never sure what they think will go in the area the best.

  • Sep
    Materials Selection Guide

    Brief content: the function of furniture is not only material but also spiritual. Practical and environmentally friendly furniture and more modern build tension for the life of their own comfort zone, they are like family, as close to around the host side, sharing the owner's emotions. Furniture, not only decorated my lovely house, also decorated my wonderful life. How to buy rattan furniture Rattan furniture, elegant color, beautiful shape, texture, tough, honest nature, much to the veranda, garden, tea room, study, living room and other recreational areas. Rattan furniture in the purchase should pay attention to several issues: 1, the best choice of plants to buy rattan furniture boutiques. Rattan furniture because the special materials and processes, some professional rattan furniture factories are equipped with better quality imported materials for processing, quality guaranteed. ......

  • Sep
    Modern Furniture Philosophy----China Outdoor Furniture

    We think of furniture as a tradition and our intelligent, modern approach demands practicality, eco-friendliness, and luxury. The result is always an original idea, perfectly in tune with your style of living. We offer unique modern furniture and contemporary furniture that combine refined design and excellent workmanship. We employ the time, technology, and professionalism required to manufacture high-tech furniture items. A combination of passion, long-lasting experience, and some of the most cutting-edge technology in this sector results in perfect detail in each item. Seeking lasting stability and sustainability, we are providing modern furniture solutions with high quality products that are custom made to the expectations of our clients. Our range includes Outdoor Furniture,Rattan Furniture,Metal furniture ,Garden furniture. Enjoy

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